Complete Excavation and Demolition Solution


We provide a full range of excavation and demolition services across South East Queensland. Connect with us and find out what we can achieve for your project.

  • 001-mixer-truck

    Concrete preparation for driveways, paths or house slabs

  • 003-black-hole

    Hole boring for fence posts, retaining walls or piers

  • 002-wall

    footings and trenching

  • 004-wrecking-ball

    demolition of existing slabs, driveways, carports, pools, fences, retaining walls

  • 010-layers

    site levelling and clearing

  • 005-climber

    rock wall building

  • 009-swimming-pool

    pool digs

  • 006-leaf

    under house digs

  • 007-waste

    sewer pit digging and trenches

  • 008-lawn

    turf preparation

  • 001-dump-truck

    dumping of waste

  • 002-shovel

    Purchase of Materials ie Soil, Road Base, Gravel, Turf, Mulch

  • 003-siren

    24/7 emergency services

With all of these machines available to you, we can make sure we give you the right piece of machinery for your project.